Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was devastating. The destructive category 4 hurricane came barreling though the Lower Keys on September 11, 2017 leaving destruction and ruin in its path. With all the destruction this was a bright shining beacon of hope on the highway. It was un-damage and came through without a scratch.



Crane Point was no exception to Hurricane Irma’s destruction. The Museum and Gift Shop came through with minimal damage while the gate house was flooded, the Crane house was banked up, and lots and lots of downed trees. Week after week employees chipped away at the damage and volunteers donated their time with back breaking labor to help clean up the property. Crane Point will be eternally grateful for all of those that helped out.


Directly After the Storm:



During the Cleanup:



And a Special Special thanks to the LDS Church and the Mormon Helping Hands. This would not have been possible without them: