The Mormons Come Back to Crane Point

A special thanks, again, to the LDS Mormon Church. This time they weren’t in their yellow shirts, but young men and women had the same love and dictation to serve others.

If you were here in the Keys during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma you were aware of the presence of the Mormon Church. Week after week more and more volunteers arrived in their yellow shirts to help clean up. (Read more here:

A few weeks ago they came back to continue their service to Crane Point. There were over 53 teenagers and their leaders in attendance from the Miami Florida South Stake for a weekend in late June. Crane Point is a better place for it.

These young men and women were busy exploring the many trials of Crane Point “what a beautiful trail with mangrove forest, the trees gave us the perfect shade on that sunny day, the youth were able to hear all kind of birds and truly feel a sense of gratitude for God’s creation.” commented Stake Young Women President, Falon Herrera.

Crane Point staff member, Harald instructed the group and the kids were divided into groups between the Lagoon and train car. Both were was almost completely destroyed after the storm and has been in the process repairing them for the past 9 months. These youths worked for hours until they were sparkling clean.

The area for the biggest group was Sunset Board Walk. The youth put on their gloves and a big smile as they cleared out debris and broken tree branches. Pile after pile was hauled out to make way for Crane Point to come back even better then ever.

“My favorite part was to walk the trail with my friends and do something meaningful”remarked JB Rivera.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to serve, I know the youth from the Miami Florida South Stake will always remember this day.

Falon Herrera
Stake Young Women President